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Our logo – The rising sun

Already in my first training programmes in the early 1980s I used the sun as a logo. The sun was the positive symbol which I felt was deeply rooted in my being, more than anything else . On almost every drawing I ever did as a child there was a sun – the drawing never felt complete without the sun.

In the beginning I saw the sun as a metaphor for a positive, life-enhancing philosophy. The sun always shines, even when there are clouds and even thunder clouds in the sky. The sun always shines, both day and night. In the same way our inner sun – our joy and our love of life– always shines, even when it does not seem to. This was my conviction and with time I realised that this was precisely how life worked.

Later in life I have come to see the sun as a deeper symbol of the life energy which flows in everything that lives and breathes. If we listen to ourselves, follow our hearts and manifest what we see inside ourselves in integrity with our deepest felt feelings and values, then our life energy will flow within us and we will enjoy life and continue to grow as human beings.

As Sweden is a highly secular country this is the point where I will excuse what I am saying, should it seem too spiritual or religious. I have never been religiously organised or engaged. But I realise that the religions in the world can be seen as an expression of a universal human phenomena – or mankind can be seen as a spiritual phenomena.

Being trained as a natural scientist I realise that we may never find a scientific proof of a higher meaning of life. But through the experiences of life I have come to realise, that accepting the idea of a higher all-loving power as a reality, can help us considerably in keeping direction and trust in our earthly doings.

Then the sun in my logo feels equally important today as it did in my first sketches more than 30 years ago.

Jonas Himmelstrand


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