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Himmelstrand Mentor AB is a Swedish knowledge company with five branches which are presented below with their respective websites. Certainly there is overlap between the branches giving cross-fertilisation. This is a dual language company with offerings in both Swedish and English. Please don't hestitate to take contact for our services, either here or on our websites below.


Himmelstrand Mentor was born on June 30, 1981 as the small business Jonas Himmelstrand Konsult.

It offered courses in encouragment and positive thinking and similar themes in the area of personal development. On management level these courses were called life- and career planning. These courses were in great demand in the 1980s.

Study days for schools and courses in training skills were soon added, and a little later also workshops for teams and management training courses were offered.

Since the end of the 1990s the focus has mostly been on courses in presentation and training skills for managers and in-house educators and workshops for teams.

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The newsletter Strategies was founded by John Steinberg, Ph.D, in 1985. Jonas Himmelstrand became a co-editor in 1992 and took over the entire publication in 2003.

Strategies started out as a newsletter about the new training methods introduced in the 1980s. During the 1990s the perspective was expanded to include management and organisational change.

In the early 2000s Strategies returned to its roots with focus on personal growth and pedagogics and the name was changed in 2002 to Strategies to Learn & Grow.

Strategies continues to be published every fortnight, 22 times annually digitally and online as well as on paper.

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After 25 years of experience in Swedish work life and personal family life it was time to draw some conclusions. During the years 2003-2007 Jonas Himmelstrand wrote the book «Following your heart in the social utopia of Sweden».

This book opened an entirely new arena of possibilities which in 2009 resulted in founding The Mireja Institute and international work culminating in the spring of 2011 with lectures in 8 cities in 7 countries in 5 five months. A short version of the book in English is in the works.

In the fall of 2011 The Mireja Institute receives a research student who will perform a Swedish study on work-family balance in home care families. The results will be presented by The Mireja Institute in the spring of 2012.

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On May 6, 2007 Jonas Himmelstrand met with Dr. Gordon Neufeld in Frankfurt. Jonas had written to Dr. Neufeld after reading his pioneering bok «Hold on to your kids».

Dr Neufeld had formulated a solid and sound theory which supported the findings in «Following your heart in the social utopia of Sweden» and the basics in The Mireja Institute.

This was the start of fruitful collaboration where Jonas became the Swedish representative of The Neufeld Institute offering their courses to the Swedish public.

Especially the distance courses, Intensives I & II, provide an exceptional insight into a whole new paradigm on understanding education and child and adolescent growth.

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The Happy Company was founded as a small business in Sweden in 1989 by Jonas & Tamara Himmelstrand. The message in the name was the double meaning; we were a happy company and we wanted to create happy businesses.

The Happy Company became a plant school for new projects: The course How to be a better teacher was born here and later moved to Jonas Himmelstrand Mentor. The book «Following your heart in the social utopia of Sweden» started here and then became the foundation of The Mireja Institute.

2003 Jonas Himmelstrand Mentor and The Happy Company were merged into Himmelstrand Mentor AB. Soon The Happy Company will host Tamara Himmelstand's facilitation services to parents with children with special needs.

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Himmelstrand Mentor AB • Box 1454, SE-114 79 Stockholm, Sweden • Phone: +46 8-20 01 14 •

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